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Are you looking for fire shutters in Essex?

ADL Doors offer a range of specialist products, including fire shutters in Essex. Our fire curtains are all fully compliant and certified available from 60-240 minute rating made from 75mm galvanised finish steel interlocking laths, or 100mm twin skin galvanised finish steel insulated interlocking laths with endlocks to prevent lateral movement, A strong roll formed bottom rail 1.6mm thick fitted to the bottom of the curtain, Heavy-duty seamless tube and mounted between Head plates, Galvanised steel rolled angle and folded steel channel guides bolted to roller plates. Single-phase 240v Tubular Motor or single or three phase outboard motor and Audio-Visual Fire Control Panel, available in a standard Galvanised finish or powder coated (any colour from our standard range).

We also have a range of additional extras available.

If the shutter is the only means of exit from your building we would strongly recommend that a push button control is installed on the inside to prevent trapping.

All of our Fire Doors are constructed in accordance with BS EN 1634-1 and British Standards 476. Part 22: 1987.

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Are you looking for 5* fire shutters in Essex??

Fire doors, which are commonly known as fire shutters are often used in commercial buildings, this is due to them being high quality, reliable and protecting your property from fires, as well as being providing you with a remarkable service.

The most essential part of fire shutters is that they are designed to work as a shield for your property in the event of a fire. Fire shutters can provide a professional, safety barrier against smoke and fire damage.

ADL Door Services specialise in the supply, fitting and ongoing maintenance of both industrial and commercial fire shutters in and around the Essex area. Not only do we supply and install high-quality shutters we also do essential maintenance and repairs, if parts have become worn we can supply and fit new parts to make them as good as new.

If you have fire shutters installed in your commercial or industrial property having regular services is a legal requirement, other than being a legal requirement, it is essential to ensure the fire shutters work efficiently and minimise the risk of failure.

We are here to offer you a 24hour emergency repair solution for your fire shutters in Essex, we provide this service to ensure that your security to your business is not compromised and we will ensure your issues are dealt with promptly.

We have a team of highly experienced engineers who are able to provide you with a high-quality service in a cost-effective way. Fire shutters are a fantastic choice for both industrial and commercial buildings including garages, education centres, offices and warehouses. Fire shutters are an ideal way to protect your business from unnecessary fire damage.

We provide you with a variety of the finest fire shutters in a selection of styles, colours and sizes. As part of our bespoke services, we ensure that we provide made to measure fire shutters. In the event of a fire, it is crucial that you have high-quality fire shutters to minimise the risks of fires spreading and damaging your property.

Not only do fire shutters provide fantastic protection against fires but they also act as high-security shutters against vandals and intruders. Whether you have a restaurant, bar, warehouse or office it is crucial that you have fire shutters are put in place to ensure that your property is perfectly protected. We provide cost-effective and adaptable fire shutters in Essex, having high-quality fire shutters

Each shutter that we provide is constructed using thermal fusible links, that when the temperature reaches a certain point they will begin to close, which is essential in an event of a fire, as well as alerting the fire alarm signal. Fire shutters are extremely important as they can provide your property with several hours of protection from alarming fires that can cause excruciating damage.


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    Why Choose ADL Doors

    Fires can increase in diameter incredibly quickly meaning they can rip through a warehouse, office or shop, which can leave you with devastating results. Supplying fire shutters provides you with fire safety and protection, whilst being able to cover large interior and exterior areas.

    Fire shutters are able to be opened and closed with a simple touch of a button, but it also has an automatic over-ride that allows you to keep safe in case of an emergency fire situation. Having automatic fire shutters can provide a sense of security for your colleagues, ensuring that they can escape quickly in the safest possible way, as well as restricting the damage to your property.

    Providing the highest quality and safety standards for every installation that we provide ensures that your industrial and commercial fire shutters are fully operational, whilst providing you with a strong and durable service and supplying you with extensive aftercare, such as repairs and breakdowns.

    Fire shutters are an essential part of keeping your business safe, we provide a service for all types of businesses and buildings. Our team of fully experienced team are here to provide the best fire protection for you, each product that we provide complies with all safety legislation. Not only do we provide you with a safe service, but we also offer a service that is styled exactly to you.

    Made To Measure Fire Shutter Doors

    With many years within the industry, we can provide you with a no-obligation free quote as well as providing you with an intensive amount of advice and knowledge, to ensure you get the service you deserve.

    Unlike generic static fire barriers, fire shutters can be triggered when they are needed, these are mostly fitted with a fire alarm system, which means that your property is protected exactly when it is needed, without jeopardising any space in your property.

    It is a legal requirement that fire shutters are installed properly and professionally, to ensure that they meet all insurance requirements and regulations. The devastation that is caused by fires can be incredibly destructive to a business, meaning, it is essential that all your safety measures are put in place so that you can avoid catastrophes happening within your property or business.

    We have supplied, installed and maintained fire shutters for Essex and the surrounding area for many years, whilst providing our customers with high-quality work in a cost-effective way. We are able to provide you with the best fire shutters in and around Essex. Our team will provide you with full support and arrange you with the most satisfactory service.

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    Our fire curtains are all fully compliant and certified

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